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A full list of publications to date can be found here.

  1. Koruk H & Pouliopoulos A N (2023). Elasticity and Viscoelasticity Imaging Based on Small Particles Exposed to External Forces. Processes, 11, 12, 3402.

  2. Koruk H & Pouliopoulos A N (2023). Investigation of the Motion of a Spherical Object Located at Soft Elastic and Viscoelastic Material Interface for Identification of Material Properties. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 17, 4, 7277.

  3. Koruk H, Koc H O, Yurdaer S B, Besli A, Pouliopoulos A N (2023). A New Approach for Measuring Viscoelastic Properties of Soft Materials Using the Dynamic Response of a Spherical Object Placed at the Sample Interface. Experimental Mechanics 64, 1, 21–32.

  4. Liu D, Munoz F, Sanatkhani S, Pouliopoulos A N, Konofagou E E, Grinband J, & Ferrera V P (2023). Alteration of functional connectivity in the cortex and major brain networks of non-human primates following focused ultrasound exposure in the dorsal striatum. Brain Stimulation 16, 4, 1196–1204.

  5. Karakatsani M E, Ji R, Murillo M F, Kugelman T, Kwon N, Lao Y-H, Liu K, Pouliopoulos A N, Honig L S, Duff K E, & Konofagou E E (2023). Focused ultrasound mitigates pathology and improves spatial memory in Alzheimer’s mice and patients. Theranostics 13, 12, 4102–4120.

  6. Zhang W, Metzger H, Vlatakis S, Claxton A, Alejandra Carbajal M, Fan Fung L, Mason J, Andrew Chan K L, Pouliopoulos A N, Prentice P, Fleck R A, Thanou M (2023). Characterising the chemical and physical properties of phase-change nanodroplets. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 106445

  7. Bae S, Liu K, Pouliopoulos A N, Ji R, Konofagou E E (2023). Real-Time Passive Acoustic Mapping With Enhanced Spatial Resolution in Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound for Blood–Brain Barrier Opening. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 1–12

  8. Pouliopoulos A N (2023). Evaluating drug delivery enhancement following ultrasound treatment. The Lancet Oncology, 24, 5, 420–422.

  9. Noel R L, Batts A J, Ji R, Pouliopoulos A N, Bae S, Kline-Schoder A R, Konofagou E E (2023). Natural aging and Alzheimer’s disease pathology increase susceptibility to focused ultrasound-induced blood–brain barrier opening. Scientific Reports 13:1, 1–13.

  10. Aurup C, Pouliopoulos A N, Kwon N, Murillo M F, Konofagou E E (2023). Evaluation of Non-invasive Optogenetic Stimulation with Transcranial Functional Ultrasound Imaging. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 49, 3, 908–917.

  11. Pouliopoulos A N, Murillo M F, Noel R L, Batts A, Ji R, Kwon N, Yu H, Tong C-K, Gelinas J N, Khodagholy Araghy D, S Hussaini S A, Konofagou E E (2022). Non-invasive optogenetics with ultrasound-mediated gene delivery and red-light excitation. Brain Stimulation 15, 4, 927-941.

  12. Munoz F, Meaney A, Gross A S, Liu K, Pouliopoulos A N, Konofagou E E, Ferrera V P (2022). Long Term Study of Motivational and Cognitive Effects of Low-intensity Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation in the Dorsal Striatum of Nonhuman Primates. Brain Stimulation, 15, 2, 360-372.

  13. Jimenez-Gambin S, Jimenez N, Pouliopoulos A N, Benlloch J M, Konofagou E E, Camanera F (2022). Acoustic holograms for bilateral blood-brain barrier in a mouse model. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering 69, 4, 1359-1368.

  14. Pouliopoulos A N, Kwon N, Jensen G, Meaney A, Niimi Y, Burgess M T, McLuckie A J, Munoz F, Ji R, Kamimura H A S, Teich A F, Ferrera V P, Konofagou E E (2021). Safety evaluation of a clinical focused ultrasound system for neuronavigation guided blood-brain barrier opening in non-human primates. Scientific Reports 11 15043. 

  15. Pouliopoulos A N†, Karakatsani M E†, Liu M, Jambawalikar S, Konofagou E E (2021). Contrast-free detection of focused-ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening by diffusion tensor imaging. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering 68, 8, 2499-2508. †Equal contribution.

  16. Wei H-J, Upadhyayula P S, Pouliopoulos A N, Englander Z K, Zhang X, Jan C-I, Guo J, Mela A, Zhang Z, Wang T J C, Bruce J N, Canoll P D, Feldstein N A, Zacharoulis S, Konofagou E E, Wu C-C (2021) Focused ultrasound-mediated blood brain barrier opening increases delivery and efficacy of etoposide for glioblastoma treatment. Int. Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 100 539-550.

  17. Englander Z K, Wei H-J, Pouliopoulos A N, Bendau E, Upadhyayula P, Spinazzi E F, Jan C-I, Wang T J C, Canoll P, Bruce J N, Feldstein N A, Zacharoulis S, Konofagou E E, Wu C-C (2021). Focused Ultrasound Mediated Blood Brain Barrier Opening in a Murine Pontine Glioma Model: A Safety and Feasibility Study. Scientific Reports 11 6521.

  18. Kamimura H A S, Wu S Y, Grondin J, Ji R, Aurup C, Zheng W, Pouliopoulos A N, Konofagou E E (2021). Real-time passive acoustic mapping using sparse matrix vector multiplication. IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control 68 164-177.

  19. Pouliopoulos A N, Smith C A B, Bezer J, El Ghamrawy A, Sujarittam K, Bouldin C J, Morse S V, Tang M X, Choi J J (2020). Doppler Passive Acoustic Mapping. IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control  67 2692–2703.

  20. Galan-Acosta L, Sierra C, Leppert, A, Pouliopoulos A N, Noel R L, Kwon N, Tambaro S, Presto J, Nilsson P, Konofagou E E, Johansson, J (2020). Recombinant BRICHOS chaperone domains delivered to mouse brain parenchyma by focused ultrasound and microbubbles get internalized by hippocampal and cortical neurons. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 105 103498.

  21. Pouliopoulos A N, Jimenez D A, Frank A, Robertson A, Zhang L, Klein-Schoder A R, Bhaskar V, Harpale M, Caso E, Papapanou N, Anderson R, Li R, Konofagou E E (2020). Temporal stability of lipid-shelled microbubbles during acoustically-mediated blood-brain barrier opening. Frontiers in Physics 137 8.

  22. Morse S V, Boltersdorf T, Harriss B I, Chan T G, Baxan N, Jung H S, Pouliopoulos A N, Choi J J, Long N J (2020). Neuron labelling with rhodamine-conjugated Gd-based MRI contrast agents delivered to the brain with focused ultrasound. Theranostics 10 2659-2674.

  23. Pouliopoulos A N, Wu S Y, Burgess M T, Karakatsani M E, Kamimura H A S, Konofagou E E (2020). A clinical ultrasound system for non-invasive blood-brain barrier opening using a neuronavigation-guided single-element transducer. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 46 73-89.

  24. Morse S V, Pouliopoulos A N, Chan T G, Copping M J, Lin J, Long N J, Choi J J (2019). Rapid short pulse ultrasound delivers drugs uniformly across the murine blood-brain barrier with negligible disruption. Radiology 291 181625.

  25. Pouliopoulos A N, Burgess M T, Konofagou E E (2018). Pulse inversion enhances the passive mapping of microbubble-mediated ultrasound therapy. Appl. Phys. Lett. 113 044102-6.

  26. Lazarus C, Pouliopoulos A N, Tinguely M, Garbin V and Choi J J (2017). Clustering dynamics of microbubbles exposed to low-pressure 1-MHz ultrasound. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 142 3135–46.

  27. Heymans S V, Martindale C F, Suler A, Pouliopoulos A N, Dickinson R J and Choi J J (2017). Simultaneous Ultrasound Therapy and Monitoring of Microbubble-Seeded Acoustic Cavitation Using a Single-Element Transducer. IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control 64 1234–44.

  28. Pouliopoulos A N, Li C, Tinguely M, Garbin V, Tang M-X and Choi J J (2016). Rapid short-pulse sequences enhance the spatiotemporal uniformity of acoustically driven microbubble activity during flow conditions. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 140 2469–80.

  29. Pouliopoulos A N and Choi J J (2016). Superharmonic microbubble Doppler effect in ultrasound therapy. Phys. Med. Biol. 61 6154–71.

  30. Koruk H, El Ghamrawy A, Pouliopoulos A N and Choi J J (2015). Acoustic Particle Palpation for Measuring Tissue Elasticity. Appl. Phys. Lett. 107 223701–4.

  31. Shamout F E, Pouliopoulos A N, Lee P, Bonaccorsi S, Towhidi L, Krams R and Choi J J (2015). Enhancement of non-invasive trans-membrane drug delivery using ultrasound and microbubbles during physiologically relevant flow. Ultrasound Med. Biol. 41 2435–48.

  32. Pouliopoulos A N, Bonaccorsi S and Choi J J (2014). Exploiting flow to control the in vitro spatiotemporal distribution of microbubble-seeded acoustic cavitation activity in ultrasound therapy. Phys. Med. Biol. 59 6941–57.

  33. Niu G, Zoellner M H, Zaumseil P, Pouliopoulos A N, d’Acapito F, Schroeder T and Boscherini F (2013). X-ray diffraction and extended X-ray absorption fine structure study of epitaxial mixed ternary bixbyite PrxY2−xO3 (x = 0–2) films on Si (111) J. Appl. Phys. 113 043504.


A full list of publications to date can be found here.


A full list of publications to date can be found here.

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